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Barca presidential candidate: Griezmann signing was wrong

Thu 19 November 2020 | 14:01

Victor Font, one of Barcelona's presidential candidates, believes that Barca's purchase of Griezmann was a mistake.

Griezmann joined Barcelona in a controversial move last year, but so far, it has not lived up to expectations and has gone through ups and downs. He plays in the midfield in the French national team and has a crucial role, but he is under Messi's shadow in Barcelona. ESPN recently reported that the font would be the main chance for the Barça presidency in the upcoming elections in January.

In an interview with Cadena Cope, he said: Griezmann was a signing that shouldn't have been made."

Font's view of Griezmann has been one of several controversial. He also has a lot of faith in Xavi and announced that if he becomes the president of Barça, he will choose Xavi as his coach.

Font also said: "If Xavi asked me to sign Sergio Ramos

and it was economically viable, I would sign him."

source: SportMob