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"they did not want to whistle for it"- Cadiz boss

Thu 19 November 2020 | 8:41

The Cadiz team's head coach was suspended for four matches due to complaints against the refereeing team's decision.

Cadiz Club strongly criticized the decision of the Football Federation to suspend the head coach for four matches. In the game against Granada, in a suspicious collision, the Cadiz striker was knocked down by the Granada defender in the penalty area, but this collision was not a foul from the referee's point of view.

 The head coach of Cadiz complained against the decision of the refereeing team. The game ended in a 1-1 draw.

The head of Cadiz's main complaint was why no good decision was made despite the availability of VAR technology.

Cervera's statements that led to his fine were as follows: "Everyone has seen it but there are three people who have not seen it (the foul). The only explanation is that they did not want to whistle for it."

Cadiz Club said in an official statement: "consider this sanction unfair and disproportionate."

Cervera can not lead his team from the bench against Real Sociedad, Elche, Barcelona and Celta Vigo.Therefore, he will not be available until December 16 and the Copa del Rey games.

source: SportMob