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Johnson:‘we hope to get crowds back in the ground as soon as possible’

Wed 18 November 2020 | 21:08

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is following the issue of allowing spectators into venues as “a personal priority”.

On Tuesday evening it has been reported that the British government is working on the possibility of allowing spectators into venues by Christmas and even Prime Minister Boris Johnson is following the matter as “a personal priority.”

When Johnson was asked about the issue by Karl McCartney, the Conservative MP for Lincoln, he answered: “I understand the frustration over fans and we hope to get crowds back in the ground as soon as possible”.

Also, former FA chairman David Bernstein, who was in a meeting with football leaders and Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden, said: “There is an obvious desire and a need to get fans back into stadia but in reality, this will depend on the progress with Covid.

“We have to be realistic and I suspect, if it happens, it will be a fairly small number of fans in areas that have a lower problem with the rate of Covid.

“I wouldn’t be overly optimistic but clearly everybody wants this is as soon as possible.”

The former FA chairman also asked Prime Minister about the EFL rescue package.

“We don’t want any football team to go out of business as a result of this pandemic and we’re doing everything we can,” he said.

The Government’s response has always been the expectation from the Premier League to provide financial assistance to the EFL and now the Premier League is offering a £50 million rescue package to Leagues One and Two as £20 million in grants and £30 million in loans.

Since October 1, even a limited number of spectators were banned into venues due to the rise in infection rates, and then the second wave of infection happened which caused the second national lockdown. Now with the new reports emerging, there is a possibility for opening the venues in the lowest-risk areas by December.

source: SportMob