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Germany suffered its worst defeat in 90 years.

Wed 18 November 2020 | 9:42

An extraordinary result came last night in Seville, Spain. Spain defeated Germany with six goals. With this result, Germany's advance to the next stage will depend on Ukraine's match against Switzerland.

Last night, Spain defeated Germany 6-0. Ferran Torres was the star of the game who scored a hat-trick against Manuel Neuer.It was the worst German defeat in 90 years.

Low said in an interview with ARD that he was very disappointed with the result of the match

"It's hard to explain at the moment, we had a pitch-black day when nothing worked at all," Low said. "Everything was really bad today in every respect. You couldn't find anything good. We wanted to be brave and play forward but nothing worked today – neither offensively or defensively.

."After the first goal we gave up our whole concept. We opened up and the Spaniards were so good that they took advantage of it. No organisation, no proximity to the players, no communication. We gave up order and that was deadly."

After the game, Löw was asked about his strange decision not to invite Thomas Müller, Jerome Boateng and Mats Hummels. These players were excluded from the national team last year by the decision of Joachim Löw. While these players have performed well in their club teams.

"We have said that we trust the players we have," Low said when asked about the trio. "We were on a good path, but today we have seen that we are not as far along as we thought we would be."

If Ukraine wins with more than two goals against Switzerland, it will advance to the next stage as the second team instead of Germany.

source: SportMob