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Bryan Robson is excited about England’s next star

Tue 17 November 2020 | 19:41

Former England player Bryan Robson compares Jack Grealish to England’s legend Paul Gascoigne.

25 years old

Jack Grealish

who plays for

Aston Villa

is raising the expectations with his great performance and seems to be England’s next

Paul Gascoigne




“No English player in recent years has excited me as much as Grealish does.”  Robson told The Sun


“It’s the way he glides past people, his range of passing, he’s so pleasing on the eye.


“Grealish is always on the front foot, always looking to create. It’s what Gazza loved doing, using his ability to go past defenders on both sides, scoring great goals, pleasing the crowd. And some of Grealish’s goals have been outstanding.


“You can see that, just like Gazza, he loves what he’s doing in being able to manipulate the ball. Grealish has got that natural ability the same as Gazza. It’s what sets them apart from the rest.


“Gazza’s strength was to go past players on either side. He had this unbelievable knack of pushing you in the chest, then accelerating away from you — by actually fouling you first.


“Grealish does it differently but it’s the same result and can be devastating.


“He’s got massive leg muscles, calf muscles especially and that makes him very quick. That allows him to go either side and then like Gazza did, he’s away.


“It’s the little things, the minor things if you like, that are really important to be a top player. They are minor but they are magic because other people can’t do it.

source: SportMob