Arsenal wont sign Bergkamp's son

Tue 17 November 2020 | 16:50

Mitchel Bergkamp has not convinced Arsenal during his one week trial to offer him a contract.


's son was hoping to continue his father's path and become an


player but the Gunners refused to sign him. 

Mitchel Bergkamp

was invited for a week-long trial at Arsenal but he did not convince Arsenal to offer him a deal.

He is a free agent since last summer after leaving

Almere City

which plays in the Dutch's second division. The 22 years old midfielder now has to find his own path since his father's did not work for him. However, he always expressed his feeling toward Arsenal despite leaving London 14 years ago.

“My father also played for Internazionale and


, two wonderful clubs, but Arsenal feels like home,” he said during an interview with ELF Voetbal last year.

“Whether I choose the Emirates or Highbury? I would have preferred to play at Highbury. There are the memories of everything my father has done for the club.”

source: SportMob