Aitor Fernandez claims that Arsenal are keen on the summer transfer

Tue 17 November 2020 | 15:58

Levanter goalkeeper said that Arsenal are interested in his services during the summer transfer window

The Spanish player,

Aitor Fernandez

, claims that he is monitored by both




club over a possible move earlier this year.

He has been become one of the most famous shot-stoppers in La Liga since joining


in July 2018.

Fernandez is supposed to stay at Levante until 2023 but he decided to leave the club and the end of the 2019-20 season.

He reveals that both Arsenal and Athletic club made plays for his signature before decided to stay put due to the love and support he enjoys from Levante’s fanbase.

"The club transmitted calm and I wanted to stay. We looked at the fact I'd got the affection of the fans. It's true there was contact with Athletic Bilbao and Arsenal," Fernandez told AS.

"Quite a lot of clubs have asked and it's true those two did ask. I feel I have lots of support at Levante."

He also admitted that returning to Athletic has a great appeal for him but he is in no hurry to end his shine in Levante.

"In the end, the club gave me that tranquility that they wanted me to stay here and I wanted to stay here," Fernandez added. "With my partner, we value that having the love of a hobby is not easy. 

"The truth is that my sporting growth was here. It is also true that I have said that throughout my career I would like to go home; but I think this is not the time, I think it is time to continue growing in Levante."

source: SportMob