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Barcelona Danish star: “I am where I always dreamed of”

Tue 17 November 2020 | 13:17

Barcelona star Martin Braithwaite says he has ignored recent rumors about leaving the club and will continue to play for Barca.

While rumors have been circulating in the Spanish media in recent days about the departure of


's Danish star

Martin Braithwaite

from the team, he says he does not pay attention to these rumors and is determined to continue playing for Barca whenever possible because this is and has been his dream for a long time.




in February. Barca had several injured players at the time and had to make some purchases to fill in the blank spots.

Barca managed to sign the Danish star from



€18 million


Speaking to Danish media,



“I don’t follow the news, because I live my life and I know how that goes, but of course I hear some things, but I don’t pay attention to rumors.

“Barca are an enormous club and the media write a lot of things, because newspapers know that anything publish about Barca generates a lot of attention.

“Many things are happening but I only focus on those I can control. I play football and can’t do anything about other things. When I wake up in the morning I only think about playing football.

“I am where I always dreamed of and you can only improve if you are here.

“I’m happy because I’m in a fantastic moment in my life and I feel that everything goes well. I am calm and happy with this challenge.”

source: SportMob