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Aubameyang is mad at CAF

Mon 16 November 2020 | 20:34

Aubameyang blames CAF for waiting six hours at airport in Gambia.

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang

felt like a hostage as he and his teammates in


international squad where held at an airport in Gambia for six hours. Gambia and Gabon had a game in Africa Cup of Nations qualifications and all this happened just ten hours before that game.

Aubameyang shared the story by some photos and videos of him and his teammates who were just lounging around after their passports were taken from them in the first.

After a few hours the photos he shared started to show frustration of him and his teammates as they were trying to sleep on the ground at the airport.

After three hours he posted a video with this caption: "Still waiting to enter Gambia, and we play at 4pm. Nice."

Then again he added in another post: "they will not discourage us".

Finally at 6 am they were allowed into the country and they had to play a football match just ten hours later 

Then he wrote on tweeter: "It will not demotivate us," he said. "But people need to know and especially that CAF takes these responsibilities.

"[It's] 2020 and we want [African football] to grow, that's not how we're going to get there!!!"


source: SportMob