Marquinhos knows how dangerous Cavani is

Mon 16 November 2020 | 20:37

Brazil center back talks about Cavani and how dangerous he is.

Marquinhos who was Cavani’s teammate for seven years thinks that Brazil players should be careful about him considering his abilities 

"I really like to face great attackers, to be able to raise my level and train in the best way. That is what makes you improve and grow every day.

"Cavani is a very decisive player and one who gives a lot to his teams. We know how important he has been for his team. He plays everywhere on the field, attacks and defends. “Marquinhos said

"We will have to be 100 per cent focused because at the slightest mistake, he can score a goal.

"We are always concerned with the great attackers," he added. "They are players that I will have to face individually, but ours is a collective work. 

"There are many things we can do to make the game difficult for those players and make it easier for us in defence. Sure, we are concerned, but collectively we will try to limit them."

Cavani has scored 51 goals for Uruguay so far and he also has Suarez in the squad with him who is a great player with so much experience and will be a great problem for any defender in the world.

Cavani is PSG’s all-time top scorer with 200 goals

source: SportMob