Kumbulla and his girlfriend have tested positive.

Mon 16 November 2020 | 16:41

Marash Kumbulla reveals that his girlfriend has been infected by COVID-19 and warns people of this virus.

Marash Kumbulla

on his Instagram page by posting a picture of him and his girlfriend and revealing the fact that now his girlfriend has also tested positive for Coronavirus, warns people of COVID-19.

"Hello guys, I’m fine and I continue my quarantine period. Unfortunately my girlfriend Greta also tested positive at Covid-19,” he wrote on his Instagram page.

“Luckily, she is asymptomatic and so now there are two of us who will spend isolated days in full compliance with the rules and restrictions.”

“To brighten up this somewhat dark period there is Harry Potter, that made me smile in the past and is doing the same now.

“What is your favorite film of this saga? Greetings to all of you and I recommend: be careful, because the virus is not to be underestimated. See you soon!".


source: SportMob