'Lazio would have won Scudetto without COVID' said De Martino

Mon 16 November 2020 | 15:33

Many leagues were closed due to the Coronavirus. Lazio was one of the teams that suffered a lot from this issue.

Stefano De Martino believes Lazio would have won the Serie A last season if the league had not been closed due to the Coronavirus.

Lazio was on the championship course with Juventus, but after returning from quarantine, they showed an inferior performance.

Lazio eventually finished fourth in the table, but De Martino is confident that Lazio would have won if there had been no break.

“President Claudio Lotito and the club have built a group with a total commitment,” he told Lazio Style Channel. “Lazio are a healthy team, but we have always been in the trenches.

“If it has not been for COVID-19, I believe the championship last season would have been awarded to Lazio.

“The pace was unstoppable, and the dressing room had gained great certainties. The group could have prepared a match per week and I’m convinced it would have gone differently.

“The current championship is very open and interesting. All the teams are valid and competitive, but Lazio will always go on the pitch to give their all."

source: SportMob