Mido: Gareth Southgate should be replaced by Mourinho

Mon 16 November 2020 | 10:46

Former Middlesbrough player has questioned Southgate’s suitability for coaching England and suggests that he must be replaced with a ‘strong character’

England’s 2-0 defeat in their Sunday UEFA Nation’s League game against Belgium was Gareth Southgate’s 10th defeat in 48 games as the National team manager. This is equal to Sven-Goran Eriksson’s record who had the same number of losses but in 67 games. This loss once again has brought up the topic of Southgate’s suitability for coaching England as the team is currently filled with world-class players. Mido who has previously worked with Southgate in


reacted to this topic after the match and suggested that the English coach lacks the personality to coach a team with so many stars.

“England need a proper manager. They are wasting their time with Southgate,” Mido wrote in a series of posts on 



“It’s true he always says the right things in the media and probably that’s why he kept his job for so long but believe me, he is stuttering every time things goes wrong at halftime. Players feel his fear!

“I remember him at Middlesbrough, he was scared to death when we were fighting relegation. True, it was his first job, but these things never change.

“If you are scared of losing a football match, you will always be scared of losing a football match!! And players can always feel it.

“England got some top talents in their side, but they need a manager with strong character, someone who can get them to enjoy themselves and play with no fear. I’m sorry but Southgate is not the man to do that.

“My advice to the FA is go and get Mourinho as your head coach and appoint Southgate as the FA chairman. They are both perfect for the job. Get Southgate away from the players as far as you can.”

source: SportMob