Bordas: removing Bartomeu from the board ‘was a shame, a lynching’

Mon 16 November 2020 | 10:08

Javier Bordas has expressed his anger about the way Josep Maria Bartomeu was removed from the board of Barcelona.

Javier Bordas, a former member of the board of


along with Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu, spoke openly about the way Bartomeu was removed from the board.

“[These past ten years] have been wonderful,” he said. “We have won in football, which is the most important thing, but also in all disciplines.

“We have won all the titles, we are the largest club in the world, the one with the highest turnover and the most followers on social media.

“The social part [of Bartomeu’s mandate] was very good, everything was managed well and many good measures have been taken for the club.

“On an economic level we were also doing very well but the pandemic has come and it has been a global disaster. We have been very generous in paying the players.

“We’ve had the very best [footballers] in the world in place, with big-money offers for them coming in, but we’ve managed to keep them. I have a very positive assessment of these years.”

Bartomeu was removed from the board with a vote of no confidence and early elections being called and when Bordas was asked about whether he deserved to be removed in this way, he said: “Not at all”.

“It was a shame, a lynching. Whenever there was something small they attacked us, I don’t understand it.

“One of the crises was that we were selling the Seient Lliure tickets at a high price when everything was done with the club’s financial health in mind. Should that be criticized?

“And now, with the disaster of the pandemic, they have crushed Bartomeu.”

Currently, the candidates for the presidency are Victor Font, Toni Freixa, Agusti Benedito, Jordi Farre, Luis Fernandez Ala, and Xavier Vilajoana.

From January 15th to the 22nd, the electoral campaign will be held. All candidates are required to gather at least 2,264 signatures as electronic voting is not allowed.

Whoever wins the election will have to face a challenging six-year tenure and they will have to bring Barcelona back to the level of Europe’s super-elite.

The most important issue is to keep

Lionel Messi

at the club, as he could sign for whoever he wants come the summer.

source: SportMob