Mihajlovic says he never thought he can beat the blood cancer

Sun 15 November 2020 | 17:59

In 2019 the current Bologna boss was diagnosed with leukemia which he had to fight hard against it.


has expressed his feelings during the fight against his sickness. In 2019, he was diagnosed with leukemia. He was able to overcome the sickness but he says that he was already hopeless. The


coach insists that he never thought he has a chance against it. 

“I am not one of those who say it’s the taking part that counts. No, I want to win,” he said on television show Domenica In.

“I took that approach to this battle, with that desire to win at all costs, and I never even considered the possibility I would lose.

“From the start, I told myself that I couldn’t lose this battle, for me and my family. I have a check-up every three months, the most recent was on October 29 a year on from the transplant, and it was perfect.”

source: SportMob