Luis Enrique defends his tactical decisions against Switzerland.

Sun 15 November 2020 | 17:11

After Spain's last-minute draw with Switzerland in the Europa League, Luis Enrique defended his tactical decision.

Spain was on the verge of their second consecutive defeat in the competition, but Gerard Moreno responded to Switzerland's only goal in the game. La Roja, meanwhile, won two penalties during the game, both of which were missed by Sergio Ramos.

Enrique used Alvaro Murata and Gerrard in his attack in the 1-1 draw against the Netherlands and sent his team to the field without a specialized striker in last night's match. In the end, Moreno was able to open the scoring on Sergio Regillon's cross from the left and score a point for Enrique.

Enrique's team has scored three goals in the last five games, but the former Barcelona coach insists on his tactical decisions.

"Soccer can be like this," he said. "It is a wonderful game but sometimes it does not do justice. A lot of things happened and we tried to play our style. 

"We felt that a number nine was not going to be necessary in the first half. We lacked a bit of freshness but I think Switzerland were good.

"We lacked when it came to the most difficult thing – scoring. On the basis of the first half we deserved to win, and on the basis of the second as well. It is easy to say after the game that Morata had to play or Gerard should have played."

source: SportMob