Robertson is injured, nightmare for Klopp

Sun 15 November 2020 | 16:02

Jurgen Klopp is now without his four regular options for the defensive positions.

Andy Robertson

is the latest injured


player. Just like

Joe Gomez



injured playing for his national team and it will definitely make Klopp even angrier about the international matches.

David Clarke

has confirmed that Robertson's injury situation is a doubt at the moment. He was left out of the Sctolnad's list for the next match. “

Andy Robertson

is the most doubtful out of the ones who have a wee question mark over them,” Clarke said.

No one will be angrier than Klopp as he has lost yet another first-choice defender.

Van Dijk




Trent Alexander-Arnold

are all injured, and deciding who to play will cause some nightmares for Klopp and his side.

source: SportMob