Chinese Super League has cost over US$30 million due to the pandemic

Sun 15 November 2020 | 12:26

China’s football has been effected heavily by the pandemic as the current season became the most expensive in the competition history.

This season’s Chinese Super League took place amid the COVID-19 break-out situation and based on the country’s protocols about the pandemic, 16 participant teams were divided into two groups which were located in bubbles in two different cities. Team members including players, coaches, and staff were all confined to hotels during the competition and didn’t have permission to leave the hotel’s area.

Chen Xuyuan the president of the CFA has told the reporters that the cost of reserving two hotels for over four months plus countless tests provided for the teams and other costs of the bubbles has reached the record-breaking number of 200 million yuan (US$30.3 million). Fans were allowed in Stadiums in limited crowds at the final stage of the tournament as teams sound their final placing in the league’s table with two-legged matches. Despite complaints from some of the participant teams, Chen insists that the next season will also be played in the same format as it is fair to the teams and their fans.

source: SportMob