The Portugal match is a benchmark for France, says Varane

Sun 15 November 2020 | 9:46

Real Madrid defender is satisfied with his National Team’s current form.

After an unexpected defeat against Finland on Wednesday, France were successful at their vital battle against Portugal in UEFA Nations League. The world champions defeated Ronaldo’s team by

N’Golo Kante

’s second-half goal and successfully reached first place in their Group table. Although the title defenders put massive pressure on France in the second half, Deschamp’s team were able to hold on to the important victory. In a post-match interview, Raphael Varan has spoken about the importance of this match for France and their future form.

"We are very happy with the victory - the way we got it, too," Varane told TF1.

"We saw a lot of solidarity and the state of mind was great. We created great opportunities but were also very solid. Portugal were strong on set-pieces.

"Over the next few months, this will be our benchmark match.

"We saw a lot of good things, we managed to combine well, to work together in defence. We will be able to rely on that to project ourselves towards the next objectives."

source: SportMob