‘He deserves respect’ Lukaku praises Rashford for free meal campaign

Sun 15 November 2020 | 9:09

Former Red Devils forward has spoken about Marcus Rashford’s free school meal campaign.

Marcus Rashford

’s campaign for supporting children in poverty has successfully gained a huge amount of attention and financial aid. While blaming the government for their reticent behavior, The English striker has fought a long battle against the officials in order to find support for poor children during the holidays. Rashford was not disappointed by the resistance of the officials and finally made a huge success by forcing the UK government to raise extra funds for the campaign as they confirmed payment of £170 million.

Romelu Lukaku

who has been Rashford’s teammate back in his time at Old- Trafford, has spoken about Rashford’s charity work and his view on the campaign.

"What he did is a beautiful thing - it's something he deserves massive respect from the whole population, throughout England because what he did was challenge the government to help them with free school meals in the holidays because he comes from that environment and when you come from that environment you are marked for life," Lukaku told ESPN.

"I speak from my own experiences and it's stuff you don't want to see other kids to go through that stuff, what he did was a beautiful thing and he deserves massive respect wherever he goes. I expected nothing less from him because he has that awareness of trying to do the right thing for everybody - both on the football side and in general life. He deserves massive respect."

Lukaku and Rashford were set to meet up on Sunday as Belgium will play host to England in their UEFA Nations League match but Rashford is currently not available to play for three lions due to injury.

source: SportMob