Garcia’s plan to stay in City or back to Barcelona is not clear

Sat 14 November 2020 | 22:35

It is not clear that Eric Garcia will stay a Manchester City player or he decides to come back to Barcelona.

It seems that the Catalan native would become a supreme purpose for the players at Camp Nou.

Leaving his motherland in 2017, he has been recognized by City and Spain when he was at the Etihad Stadium. Garcia’s contract lasts for summer of 2021. The Liga giants assume that they can be helpful assistance for the 19-year old player.

El Mundo asked about his plans, the outstanding centre-half said: “The only thing I can say is that I am a Manchester City player.

“I have a contract, and I am very grateful because they were the ones who bet on me.

“I’m grateful for the confidence of Pep [Guardiola], Txiki [Begiristan], everyone… and nothing, just that.

“Today I'm at City, but tomorrow you never know where you can be, maybe because you don't perform, because of an injury…”

He added: “My function is to defend, if you have to kick, you do it.

“If you have to give a kick, it is done. If you have to go out with the ball, it is done. If you have to clear, it’s done.

“It’s true that I like to go out with the ball, also because in the clubs where I’ve been I’ve had to do it, but my first mission is to defend.”



source: SportMob