Campbell is not surprised by Partey’s injury

Sat 14 November 2020 | 21:04

Kevin Campbell says that Thomas Partey’s injury is not an issue of surprise and is considered as “an Arsenal thing”.

The belated movement of the Gunners in the summer transfer window to take advantage of a midfielder who registered before. The debut of Patience was paid in full in north London. Simultaneously, a contract was signed with Atletico Madrid to the value of £45 million ($59m.

Partey was compared to Arsenal icons such as Patrick Vieira and Gilberto Silva. He was rejected to connect with his homeland in the November break. Partey can become a leading player again but he is frustrated.

Campbell said these setbacks are usual for Arsenal, with the Gunners still look for a reversal after having Mikel Arteta as administrator.

 “These things happen in football, sadly,” Campbell told Football Insider of events on and off the field at Arsenal.

“I am sure Thomas Partey would have been shocked by the performance against Aston Villa.

“The frustrating thing is that this guy was virtually ever-present at Atletico. He rarely suffered injury but the Premier League is a different kettle of fish and this is something Arsenal have to deal with.

“It’s an Arsenal thing – you have just signed a top player, he plays well and he gets injured.”  


source: SportMob