Valencia on edge of losing another star

Sun 15 November 2020 | 17:40

Kang-in may leave Mestalla after his contract expires


did not have a good transfer window in Summer and now they have new concerns about their young star


with his contract expiring in Summer of 2022 and him not showing interest in Valencia’s new offer 

The club lost Ferran Torres last summer bringing only 23 million for the club and now they are going to try to find a good offer for the player if he is not going to stay with them 

Although Kang-in has many offers already but the buyers may want him to wait for his deal to end and then sign him as a free agent and it doesn’t seem to be his desirable deal considering his respect for the club that helped him to grow as a footballer and he wants a deal that profits Valencia as well 

Reportedly Valencia made a good big offer to him but Kang-in rejected it and now the club is looking for the most profitable way to part ways with Kang-in


source: SportMob