This La Liga season will be very expensive; Javier Tebas claims

Sat 14 November 2020 | 16:19

La Liga president Javier Tebas reckons that it will cost Spanish football nearly half a billion to complete the ongoing football season.

In an interview with Marca, ،Tebas spoke about the economic importance of club football and the need for clubs to take responsibility and reduce their wage bills.

“There is a large industry behind LaLiga with many jobs that depend on it,” Tebas said.

“According to the latest reports, there are 180,000 jobs. Defending this industry is a social responsibility. We have to be an example because that serves to grow and create more jobs. People need to understand that LaLiga has a lot of responsibility.

“We still have excess spending of about €500m as clubs can’t remove players with contracts – an effort has to be made to reduce salaries.

“Some clubs have to continue to try and reduce the wage bill. The most affected in Spain are Valencia, Barcelona, and Real Madrid – they just can’t get rid of the superfluous players.

“To end the season, Spanish football will need to spend about €490m to pay the club expenses, but not to all clubs. We’ve detected 17, some of whom are short €100m and others €3m – but the club missing €3m might be in worse shape than the one missing €100m.

“We’re working to fix it. Valencia is no longer in the Champions League, for example, and they’ve been criticised for selling players but they have to, and Barcelona have to lower their wage bill to finish the season. They have no other option.”

source: SportMob