Digne: 'there is no doubt that we aim for Europe.”

Sat 14 November 2020 | 15:25

Digne believes Everton could be qualified for Europe.

Lucas Digne



defender, has claimed that they are aiming to qualify for Europe at the end of the season.

Everton lie seventh in the standings on 13 points, and they have also lost their last three games, however, he is confident that they can get back their early-season form that saw them win four games in succession.

He believes the recent setbacks are due to injuries and suspensions.

“We had a perfect start, and then we hit some bumps in the road, but we will bounce back now,” he said. “We have lost some rhythm and momentum, but we were missing players in recent games with injuries and suspensions. We will be back on track soon - for sure.

“To me, our good start was not a surprise. We showed our true level. The club did well in the transfer market, so we are a good group of players - and a great manager with amazing experience in top football. It is an exciting time to be in Everton right now. We will get back to our best and will be a strong team this season.”

Digne is insisting on helping the club back into Europe and he even considers the Champions League.

“Everton have ambitions to play in the Champions League, and so do I, because I miss it,” he added.

“I was used to playing for clubs who were always in the Champions League. But competition for the four Champions League spots in the Premier League is very hard. However, there is no doubt that we aim for Europe.”

Digne also admits that he misses the fans in the recent months.

“It feels so strange to play a big game in an empty stadium without the supporters, especially in our own stadium,” he said. “Basically everything is different without fans: the whole atmosphere, to feel their dedication, their joy, their passion. We love to share those emotions with them.

“The supporters are the heart and soul of football, and we still play for them, even though they are not there - but we miss them badly.”

Digne is currently playing for France and won acclaim for his performance in the game against Finland and now is aiming for the rescheduled Euro 2020.

“When I play for France, I always enjoy it immensely because it means a lot to me to represent my country,” he said. “I am proud of every single one of my 34 caps.

“Of course I have the Euros next summer as an ambition, a goal. I work hard every day, I have full focus on every match - and then it is up to the coach.

“I believe that we have a fantastic group of players - and that we could have an amazing Euro. We have such a great potential. With our quality we should always have big ambitions.”



source: SportMob