‘It's a transition period’ Fabregas backs Mikel Arteta

Sat 14 November 2020 | 12:47

Former Arsenal midfielder is optimistic about Arteta as ‘he is still trying to find his team’.

Since joining 


as the successor to Unai Emery, Mikel Arteta has been praised for his work at Arsenal as he has managed to display the club’s identity by high-quality performances. His high-pressing tactics that require all the players to participate in both attacking and defending have made Gunners a more cohesive and versatile team. Arteta's team has been showing good signs in their matches against 


West Ham

, and 

Manchester United

 but fans are expecting Arteta to give his team the consistency that makes them a real challenger to end the season in top-four. Ex-Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas has spoken about Arteta and the time he needs to completely build his team.

"Listen, it's a transition period," Fabregas told 90min

. "Mikel has his ideas, but it takes time. The problem for a coach nowadays is that you have no time. You lose three games, everyone is asking for your head.

"I know it's very, very difficult because you want to implement your ideas, and it's a process. Sometimes it's difficult because football is moving very quickly, everyone wants to win, there's pressure from the board, from the fans, from the players. You're on the spot every single day.

"He's trying to find his team. They have [Dani] Ceballos, they have [Granit] Xhaka, now they've added Thomas Partey from Atletico, who's a very good player as well. They have Willian, they have [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang - top, top players, that's 100 per cent sure. Maybe they still need a little bit more time."

source: SportMob