Paqueta could be a good replacement for Neymar

Sat 14 November 2020 | 12:52

Neymar is injured and Paqueta has shown that he can fill Neymar's vacancy.

In spite of his injury, Neymar was invited to the 2022 world cup qualifiers. Brazilian hoped that he would show his best version of himself in their next match against Uruguay on Tuesday.

But, after they beat Uruguay in the Friday match, they didn't let Neymar go back to his French club to continue his recovery process.

In the game against Uruguay, Selecao did as much as attempt that he could to score a goal. However, he replaced in the second half, and Roberto Ferminio, nowadays Liverpool's star, scored their only goal in this match.

"Whenever you have a player of the level of Neymar, with the ability to generate imbalance, the team will miss him," said Bacchi, son of head coach Tite.

"We missed him even more in this game to find an alternative and make space in the man-to-man marking.

"The entrance of Paqueta was a way to find a new path, to move to find the pass in that direction. Neymar is not irreplaceable, but he is indispensable."

Tite added: "In the first half we didn't have enough width to break the man-to-man marking. The passing triangles started to happen with the goal, which started with Paqueta.

"It ended up working [the substitution] due to what the game needed, with Douglas Luiz's card and the entry of a creative, attacking midfielder in Paqueta.

"The use of these pieces is challenging and brings these lessons within the difficulty of the game."

Although for the first round of qualifiers, Paqueta omitted from the team, he returned for the remained match and played a significant role in his team.

"They were respecting us. They were very compact. We looked for our way to overcome them. Thank God, we found the goal and won the three points," Paqueta told CBF TV.

"We were able to read the game well at half-time. We found the spaces in the second half and broke through their blockade."

source: SportMob