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Insigne's agent: 'Lorenzo doesn't care about criticisms'.

Fri 13 November 2020 | 19:28

Lorenzo Insigne's agent Vincenzo Pisacane said pundits would go simpler on him in the event that he didn't play at Napoli and was 'disgusted' by the 3-0 thrashing by default to Juventus.


's plea against the 3-0 loss was dismissed, as they insisted the district officials prevented them from playing the match that was planned to occur in Turin toward the beginning of October. 

“These are political issues, I’m honestly disgusted by what is happening,” Pisacane told Radio Punto Nuovo. “It’s not clear who is in charge, who commands and where to speak.

“Italy must do something. I understand it can’t think about football, but it should give someone a mandate to do it.

“The local authorities of Florence can decide to block, others can send players around the world and the local authorities couldn’t block the players of Napoli.”


has received disapprovals for battling to stand apart with Italy, however, Pisacane said the Partenopei winger 'would have been forgiven a bit more' if he played for an alternate club. 

“Luckily Insigne doesn’t care, he's a champion” he said. “I believe we must focus on what these great champions do, not what they do wrong.

“[Roberto] Baggio missed a decisive penalty in USA 1994, and he is the greatest talent we've had. If Insigne played for another team, perhaps they would have forgiven him a bit more.”

“Mancini will decide [if he plays against Poland].”


will play against


in the UEFA Nations League on Sunday and could go top of the group with a success at the Mapei Stadium.

source: SportMob