Mandragora ‘dreams’ of joining Juventus

Fri 13 November 2020 | 18:15

Udinese midfielder Rolando Mandragora states that he ‘dreams’ of joining Juventus. ‘They believed in me during a dark period’.

The defensive midfielder suffered an agonizing ligament injury in June. He also said that he intends to return to the Friuli team before the end of the year.

Udinese tried a lot during Mandragora's absence, placing 19th in Serie A after playing seven games.

“I’m very well, I feel good on the pitch and the worst period is behind me,” Mandragora told Sky Sport Italia.

“I’m thinking of returning as soon as possible and I hope to be there for the end of the year. It was a big blow, I had prepared myself to play many games after the lockdown.

“But fate played this bad joke on me and now I look forward. I hope to contribute.”

The young player said the 'championship is long' and emphasized the Friuli are struggling hard with 'desire to score points' after a hard beginning to the new campaign.

“I’m the first to make mistakes on the pitch. Some games are good and others are bad,” he added. “The start could have been better but it’s a long championship.

“We want to do well, and we will enter the pitch with our claws out and the desire to score points.”

Mandragora’s contract lasts until June 2025 with Juventus. There is another choice for the next year at the Dacia Arena.

The Italian midfielder said that his ‘dream’ is joining the Old Lady. He looks for having a place on Andrea Pirlo’s side.

“In a dark period, that of the injury, Juve believed in me and this is a source of great pride.

“I will do everything to earn that shirt, it’s a dream and a goal and everything comes from the performances with Udinese.


source: SportMob