Jones knows the line between cocky and confident

Sat 14 November 2020 | 17:37

Curtis Jones believes in his skills but knows that he shouldn’t get too proud


starlet has already shown so much quality and as he says he should know the difference between “being confident and being cocky” 

“I think I'm two totally different people on and off the pitch,” Jones told Liverpool’s official website.

“I've never doubted myself, no. I've always believed in my ability and I always will.

“I'll always believe in myself to know that anybody that I'm up against, if you get the better of me in one game, then there's only one thing on my mind: the next game when I play against you, I'm going to beat you, it'll literally be me for the whole game playing against you.

“There's being confident and being cocky – I think there's a fine line in between that. I don't want to have people think that I'm going over that.

“Yeah, there's been times when my confidence is not as high but the last thing I'll ever do is doubt myself.

“Off the pitch, a lot of people know me for just being like a humble kid. I'm just humble, relaxed, I'm chilled, I'll speak to anybody. I'll just try to be how I was brought up to be. I would never change.

“Obviously I'm still a little bit loud and can have a laugh, but I don't walk around confident and [act] how I am on the pitch. I'm different off the pitch.”

source: SportMob