The German Federation Fails to Have Musiala Represent Their Country

Fri 13 November 2020 | 12:44

Though Germany was hoping to have the 17-year-old on their side the player will join England after their failed attempts to have him.

Bayern Munich


Jamal Musiala

will not be joining Germany squad despite recent attempts from the German federation. The player who has been selected to join England Under-21squad still has the chance to switch to Germany but it seems that DFB has given up on that hope.

“Due to his DFB past, of course, we dealt with Jamal Musiala and showed him what the DFB has to offer,” DFB head of academy coaching Meikel Schonweitz told Sport 1. “However, he has clearly signaled to us that he currently sees his future with the English national teams.

“We accept his decision and wish him all the best for his sporting career.”

In his earlier teen years Musiala had the chance to represent both Germany and England but for the current time he has chosen to go with the latter.

Former Germany U16 national coach Christian Wuck said: "Of course we would have liked to keep a player with his potential with us. But he and his mother decided to go to England because he already knew the people and the environment there better.

"We accept this opinion and wish him all the best in his sporting path."

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source: SportMob