Neuhaus Talks about His Future amid Bayern Munich Link

Fri 13 November 2020 | 10:27

The Germany player talked about his transfer rumors after being linked to one of Europe’s giants.

Borussia Monchengladbach


Florian Neuhaus

has addressed the rumors of his transfer to

Bayern Munich

following his constant link to the Bundesliga giants. Having displayed a great performance on the pitch the 23-year-old has been successful to make his way to his team’s Starting-XI. When Neuhaus was asked about his possible transfer he responded: "I don't want to commit myself to that. FC Bayern is a big club. I have also got to know a couple of guys from Bayern in the national team who only speak positively about the club."

"My dad is also a huge Bayern fan. But I'm a Borussia Monchengladbach player and I don't concentrate on anything else."

The player further talked about his move from

1860 Munich

to his current squad: "The move to Monchengladbach was spot on.

"At first, it wasn't easy to be so far away from home, but it actually went well right from the start.

"The loan to Fortuna Dusseldorf also helped me because I played in a lot of matches. Now I'm happy to have such a big part to play at Borussia."

Neuhaus later added about his Champions League Journey saying: "You become a footballer for games like this. Just the feeling of competing against the best teams in Europe is special."

"And when you realise that you can keep up with such teams and even win or almost win, that feels even better."

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source: SportMob