Griezmann's uncle criticizes Messi’s behavior

Thu 12 November 2020 | 15:04

Griezmann’s former adviser Eric Olhats made some controversial comments about Messi and now, the French star's uncle also spoke out against Leo.

A few days ago,

Eric Olhats

, the former adviser of

Antoine Griezmann

, caused a controversy against


. He called Leo


's treatment wrong and sharply criticized the Argentine star.

After that, the media widely reacted to this issue. Even the famous cartoonist, Omar Momani reacted to the news by drawing a picture of the not-so-good relationship between the two players regarding these comments and

Messi's empire


The rumors and were met with a reaction from


, and the French star revealed his close relationship with


by publishing a photo.

He republished a photo of himself with Messi, which led some to say that Griezmann did not agree with previous comments.

However, his uncle talked about Messi and criticized the Argentine star's behavior


“He was convinced that he wasn’t going to be successful within the first six months, but what I didn’t expect was that it would last an entire year,”

he said.

“Besides, with Messi, I know what’s going on inside– it’s not easy.

“Basically, Messi doesn’t work hard enough at


and the training sessions are structured in order to please certain people, which is fine if you don’t want to work.

“Antoine needs to work, even though others don’t need as much effort to play well. He’s the other way around – he needs to put in a lot of effort for himself."

source: SportMob