Crouch: “I have never wanted to kick someone as hard as Marcelo"

Thu 12 November 2020 | 14:17

Former Tottenham striker Peter Crouch talks about the bitter memories Marcelo left for him in the 2011 Champions League.

Peter Crouch

, who played for


at the time, was sent off in the quarter-finals of the

Champions League


Real Madrid

at the Santiago Bernabeu.


received two consecutive yellow cards in a very short period of time, the second yellow card being given on a controversial clash with




lost 4-0 in that game and were eventually eliminated from the competition, and this is what Crouch has not forgotten:

“The first card was fair,”

crouch said

“But the second, no. The second was Marcelo’s fault. I didn’t even touch him, but he went flying in the air. Then he rolled around and when the referee took out the second yellow he started jumping with joy. I have never wanted to kick someone as hard as Marcelo on that occasion. I was naive.”

“The dressing room was under the stadium and there are rows and rows of fans above it. I was in the dressing room with a towel over my head and I could hear each goal being celebrated – I felt like it was all my fault.”

source: SportMob