Rakitic: “Messi and Griezmann got along very well”

Thu 12 November 2020 | 11:55

Former Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic claims the relationship between Messi and Griezmann is well.

From the very beginning of

Antoine Griezmann

's expensive transfer from

Atletico Madrid



, ​​there were rumors about

Lionel Messi

's dissatisfaction with the transfer and the not-so-good relationship between the two Blaugrana forwards.


Ivan Rakitic

, who left




this summer after six seasons, denies the rumors:

“What I saw was that they got along very well. I got along wonderfully with Antoine and Leo. The two drink mate together and spend a lot of time together in the dressing room"

Rakitic said

“If both of them start to score goals, there will be no more talk – that’s the requirement and expectation of a great team like Barcelona. I don’t worry, though, because they’re two spectacular guys. I wish them all the best.”

source: SportMob