Vieira insulted me, says Mihajlovic

Thu 12 November 2020 | 22:29

Mihajlovic says that Vieira, Arsenal player at the time, called him a f.... gypsy.

Sinisa  Mihajlovic

, current manager of


says that he should not have abused Vieira during the match back in 2000.

The 51 years old manager which at the time was playing for Lazio claimed that


called him a f.... gypsy. 


spoke with Il Corriere della Sera about his managerial and playing career.

“One thing I wouldn’t do again happen in October 2000,



in Champions League.

“Since I play football I have given and taken spit and elbows and insults. It also happens with Vieira.

“I told him f…black and I was given a three-match ban. I was wrong, and so much. But he had called me f… gypsy throughout the whole game.

“There is no such thing as racism against us Serbs.”


source: SportMob