Klopp compares himself to "a complete idiot" during competitions

Thu 12 November 2020 | 1:47

Liverpool leader Jurgen Klopp expressed that he must be similar to "a complete idiot" through his ebullient treatment during the professional competitions.

During the current Premier League champions and in the former clubs Borussia Dortmund and Mainz, the German has been well-known for his touchline antics.

Klopp explained it is impossible to hide his passion in a new film, The End of the Storm, which maps out Liverpool's offer to put an end to their 30-year awaiting the league title.

He said: "People see me very animated constantly, grinding my teeth and pointing.

"I cannot look overnight like The Thinker [a bronze sculpture by Auguste Rodin], standing out there like this and everybody thinks obviously something must be going on in his mind.

"I still have the most red cards, or certainly the most fines, as a manager in the history of the Bundesliga. [My use of] irony doesn't help. Referees cannot really deal with that.

"At specific moments I still look like a complete idiot on the sidelines, I know that."

Klopp's Liverpool team are famous for their aggressive performance, with his men presenting restrictless energy.

"You don't have to be fitter to play for Liverpool," explained the 53-year-old German.

He added: "I love that we have so such ‘Multi-Culti’. I would say [having] the best ambassadors for being a Muslim in the team is really great.


source: SportMob