Kenny heads into the upcoming competition without his key players

Thu 12 November 2020 | 0:42

Stephen Kenny does not fret about losing his key players due to coronavirus on the eve of the Republic of Ireland’s friendly against England.

Losing strikers Aaron Connolly and Adam Idah hours just before last month’s Euro 2020 play-off semi-final in Slovakia, Kenny cannot have West Brom frontman Callum Robinson for his positive corona test.

Asked if he felt cursed, Kenny said: “No, absolutely not. This is the way of the world at the moment.”

“In Callum’s case, he came in and on the first test he’s tested positive. He wasn’t feeling unwell, so it’s just unfortunate for him, really. It is the case that we’re disappointed, but you’ve got to deal with whatever comes your way.”

Kenny said: “It is very frustrating. Aaron will be a terrific player for Ireland.”

“The frustrating part of Aaron’s injury is he will only be ruled out for 10 days. It just happens we have three games in that period.”

The Ireland manager will go steadfastly for Thursday night’s competition at Wembley and the Nations League fixtures facing against Wales and Bulgaria without his two influential players the following week.

He said: “The bigger picture has always been the World Cup qualifiers. But Ireland have never won in Wembley. We’ve won twice against England, once in Stuttgart and once in Goodison [Park] 70-odd years ago, so it has been a long time.

“England are in good form and we have played well at times, against Slovakia particularly, so we are looking forward to going there and we want to perform well. The players are very committed.”


source: SportMob