We are a puppet to FIFA and UEFA, says Kroos

Wed 11 November 2020 | 20:00

Toni Kroos is clearly upset with the new decisions of FIFA and UEFA.

It has been an intense year for the world and also for the world of football. New decisions have been made by the




and those decisions are not always supported by the players. As


accused FA of not caring enough about the players,

Toni Kroos

also is criticizing the decisions of FIFA and UEFA for creating new domestic and international tournaments.

Real Madrid

midfielder Kroos is completely against the idea of cramming more fixtures into an already packed schedule.

"With the invention of all these new things we seem to be just the puppets of




," he said.

"These competitions are created to suck everything out of every single player physically and to suck out as much money as possible.

"When certain things work well it is a good idea to leave them that way."

source: SportMob