Carvajal Claims Real Madrid Will Fight to the Very Last Breath

Wed 11 November 2020 | 16:54

Despite their slow start for the season the Spaniard believes his team still has the strength to make the titles their own.

Real Madrid


Dani Carvajal

spoke with


about his road to recovery from a recent injury and Los Blancos claim for the titles.

“I’m doing much better,” he said. “My entire internal ligament ruptured, and the initial recuperation period was expected to be ten weeks. This Friday will make six weeks, but I’m doing well. I’m touching the ball, I’m working with more intensity. Hopefully after the international break I’ll be available to the coach.

“When you’re out you suffer tenfold, because in the end you can’t do anything to help the team and it’s unnerving. Even more so when you’re in moments of tension, like we are right now. Every game is like a final. There are 38 games, but all you can do is try to add three points every match. Teams don’t forgive.”

The Whites are fourth on the LaLiga table with four points away from the leaders

Real Sociedad

losing two of their recent games

“Every coach and team seeks to build a positive consistency, but it’s not easy,” Carvajal continued. “Injuries arise. A team like Real Madrid has many internationals, and in October and November there are three more international matches [than usual]. There are trips, games, concentrations. You have almost no time to rest but you have to get back into focus for the next game. Also, this year there hasn’t been a preseason and so it’s difficult to maintain a consistency. There’s both physical and mental fatigue.”

“We’re with the coach, the club and the teammate beside us until the death. The coach’s philosophy is for us all to be together, to ensure that we all go in the same direction in the same manner we have in all the years he’s been here. But it’s complicated. We play in the Champions League, for example, after the break. We have to travel to Italy, then Ukraine, then Seville. These are very demanding matches and they’re coming every three days – it’s difficult to win everything. Teams that don’t play in Europe have a whole week to prepare for a match. They can rest and better analyse their rival.

“The idea is clear. We’re going to fight for the three titles, as well as the fourth in the Super Cup this January. We’ll go for it all. I think we’re in good physical shape and I hope that from November and December we’ll have a two or three good months.”

The 28-year-old who was a part of Real Madrid youth system once joined

Bayer Leverkusen

before making it to the seniors squad. After a year in Bundesliga Carvajal returned to Spain. For their post-international break match Madrid will face


before continuing their Champions League competition.

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