Manuel Locatelli: "I wasn't ready at Milan."

Wed 11 November 2020 | 14:12

According to Locatelli, Sassuolo midfielder, coach Roberto De Zerbi has "‘changed my life" and added he "wasn’t ready for the expectations" in Milan.


Locatelli, the 22-year-old joined the Mapei Stadium on loan in August 2018, before making a permanent deal for €12.5m in July 2019.

“The coach has changed my life,” Locatelli told, “I’m seen as a different player and another person, better."

“He has the merit of helping me mature and perform at my best on and off the pitch.”

The Italy international said it was hard to show what he can provide immediately and said he will always thank Milan for that.

“You always want to reach the top immediately, but it’s the dedication to work that helps you achieve great results."

“Milan was my home and therefore we never speak badly of our homes. Despite everything that has been said, I will always thank Milan."

“Things didn’t go as they should, but I will always speak well of Milan.”

Locatelli revealed he "wasn’t ready" as expectations "sky-rocketed" after his amazing goal against Juventus.

“The goal against Juventus was a double-edged sword. It gave me immense joy to score against that goalkeeper, a goal like that against a such a champion was incredible."

“Then it became difficult to manage because I was always asked to score spectacular goals, expectations sky-rocketed and therefore it was complicated."

“I wasn’t ready. But now I see things differently and I’m aware that the goal will remain in history, certainly in my heart."

source: SportMob