Klopp should bench Firmino, says Carragher

Wed 11 November 2020 | 13:10

Diogo Jota is becoming a threat to Bobby Firmino. Unlike Firmino who was not very lucky with scoring, Diogo Jota scored many goals so far this season.

Diogo Jota

joined Liverpool from


and everyone expected him to sit on the bench most of the season. His surprisingly good performance made


count him as a regular starter for the squad.

Diogo Jota

played alongside




, and


in the match against

Manchester City

which finished with a draw. Fans were really excited about Klopp using four players at the front but

Jaime Carragher

, former Liverpool defender believes that


should sit on the bench so Jota can play.

Asked who makes up Klopp's strongest front three at this moment in time, the ex-Reds defender told talkSPORT: “Mane, Jota, Salah.


isn’t in great form right now but that could change if Liverpool get to a final, but I don’t think he was in great form last season either.

“Even though Liverpool won the league, certain things got masked.


didn’t score a goal at home in the Premier League until the last game against




fans are educated enough to know that Firmino’s role is not to be scoring the goals. Liverpool’s goalscorers play wide and they know he can create, win the ball back and start the press. But even when I looked at his pressing stats last weekend, they aren’t the numbers they usually are.

“It doesn’t mean if he goes out and Jota goes in that’s the end of his career. He should just sit on the bench for three or four games.”


source: SportMob