Cole Wants People to Go Easy on Greenwood

Wed 11 November 2020 | 11:48

The former United rushes into defending the 19-year-old following recent criticism.


Manchester United


Andy Cole

stands by

Mason Greenwood

’s side after the young player received criticism for breaking pandemic protocols during England duty. Greenwood who had a great breakthrough in 2019-20 campaign helped the Red Devils finish third on the table by scoring 17 goals in his 49 appearances.  

Though this season has been rough for both the 19-year-old and his club including his dismissal from international duty following his breaching of the protocols, Cole begged the media to let go of the young player and let him focus on regaining his strength.

“He’s a star in the making. If he gets his head right then he’s definitely a star in the making. One hundred per cent," Cole told The Daily Mirror.

“I’m hoping he will come through this. What’s really upset me through this situation is I’m not sure why everyone keeps hounding him the way they do.

“He’s a baby. If you don’t make mistakes when you’re a baby, when do you make your mistakes? In your 50s? He’s a boy and he’s made mistakes, he’s held his hands up, let him go out there and play his football.

“Now judge him on his football because if we’re judging him as an 18-year-old boy against what the average 18-year-old gets up to then we’ll see what they all get up to.

“Judge him on his ability, he’s made a mistake and apologised and now, please, just let him play his football now. They’ve left Foden alone, but let’s continue to hammer Greenwood. It’s just not right.

“He’s got so much to his game, he can go both sides, he can score goals and do everything. I’m sure that he can come through this.”

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source: SportMob