Update on Maradona’s Health Condition

Wed 11 November 2020 | 10:41

The doctor of the former Argentinian star gives an update on the 60-year-old’s health.

The 60-year old Argentinian

Diego Maradona

who was admitted to the hospital after concerns over anemia and dehydration last week will be discharged soon according to his personal doctor Leopoldo Luque. Maradona who went under a surgery for a subdural haematoma is ready to leave the hospital says Luque.

"Diego has a very good clinical picture, very favourable in terms of surgery and the withdrawal picture that we had talked about," Luque told reporters on Tuesday.

"A discharge is being considered, he really wants to leave and, although he had already expressed this desire, this is another context and another clinical picture. A patient with great consistency asks us to be discharged and we are ordering the place that will receive him, a comfortable house for his recovery.

"This is generated thanks to the support of the doctors and the hospital, but above all by the support of their environment, family and representatives. The discharge of Diego is imminent, he is not leaving today but it will be soon."

"Regarding his family reunion, I want to highlight everyone's interest, seeking the same goal, Diego's improvement," Luque added.

The 1986 World Cup winner and former


legend Maradona is currently in charge of coaching Superliga Argentina club


which has been under his management since 2019.

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source: SportMob