Campbell criticizes Bellerin for his defensive performance

Wed 11 November 2020 | 21:57

Arsenal conceded 3 goals against on form Aston Villa. They suffered a heavy home defeat.


had one of the best defensive records among the European top leagues but they had a bad night against

Aston Villa

. They conceded 3 goals against Smith's side and Bellerin is the one being criticized the most for his defensive work.

Arteta's team is famous for his defensive approach but according to former Defender of the club, their right back

Hector Bellerin

is not a good defender. He was exposed against

Jack Grealish

many times.

Speaking to Football Insider,


said that Arteta would never have expected before the game that his side would perform so poorly.

"Arteta was shocked by the performance and the way the team capitulated," Campbell said.


is not a good defender and he got exposed against

Jack Grealish



had the run of the Emirates down that left-hand side. You have to be able to defend against your winger one-on-one.

“Just getting back into your shape is not enough against ball players like Grealish. Ball players will play it around you and expose you and that is what Grealish and


did. You have to affect the ball.


did not get much help though. You were hoping Rob Holding could but he is still coming back from injury. Ollie Watkins showed that Holding was still rusty.”  


source: SportMob