United should sign 2-3 players, says Cole

Wed 11 November 2020 | 10:23

Manchester United signed Telles, Cavani, van de Beek and two promising young players but former star believes they still need to sign more players.

Manchester United

still should wait two years to be able to compete for the title. According to the former

Manchester United

striker they are not good enough to win the league for the next two years. As

Van Gaal

used to say it is a process. But the process has been taking a while now.

David Moyes

Jose Mourniho


Van Gaal

, all tried to get United back to the title winning way but they failed. Ole however shows some sign of improvement but they're not getting great results at the Premier League this year. Despite the league's bad results, they have been one of the good ones in the Champions League.

Asked how long it will be before they get back to challenging for the top honours, the treble winner told The Mirror: “Two years. You watched the game on Sunday,

Manchester City



, that’s the level Manchester United have to get to and that’s not going to happen by next season.

“Everything is a process. It’s about consistency. In football it’s consistency and confidence and if you marry those things together then football won’t change.

“You have to be consistent in that as well. The gaffer always used to say that if you had eight or nine playing well of course you can carry the team. If you’re all playing well then who is going to beat you? You need that belief.

“We used to beat teams in the tunnel. They’d want to keep us quiet for 20 minutes but we’d want to score two in the first 20 minutes - and, from there, everything is possible.

“It’ll take two years because you have to add players, improve, add two or three players and really improve the team. That’s where you find the consistency.

“Ole is a Man United legend and of course he knows what it takes. I hope he gets as much time as is needed. When United get it right, they get it right and they dominate because they got it right.”

source: SportMob