Vieri: 'Kane isn’t a very English striker'

Wed 11 November 2020 | 9:13

Christian Vieri thinks Inter should sign Lazio striker Felipe Caicedo straightaway, while Harry Kane is anything but 'an English striker.'

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striker used Instagram to vent his dissatisfaction with the Nerazzurri: 

“If I were an Inter director, I would immediately go and talk to Caicedo, as he’s perfect for the role of 12th man,” noted Vieri.

“I’d tell him, you are the understudy to Romelu Lukaku, come and join us. He might not accept, but at least try, otherwise what on earth do those directors do all day?!”

Caicedo has the standing as a golden-sub at Lazio, most as of late he came off the bench to score the late leveler against Juventus. 

In the interim, Vieri shared his opinion about Tottenham and English national team striker,

Harry Kane


“Kane is the only English striker who isn’t very English, as he has good technique and vision of the game. They say Alan Shearer was the best ‘English’ striker, and I can agree with that, but Kane is a more complete forward.”

source: SportMob