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Lazio "injured party" in COVID-19 test investigation

Tue 10 November 2020 | 19:15

Lazio’s lawyer declares in the case of any wrongdoing in the COVID-19 tests at the Avellino laboratory, the club was announced "an injured party."

The Futura Diagnostica laboratory is under investigation after many players got negative in their tests, but positive for UEFA and a different laboratory in Rome.

Police swooped on the lab to find proof, but


 are sure they are not under accusation.


have nothing to do with the civil case in Avellino, and if anything would be an injured party,” lawyer Gian Michele Gentile told reporters.

“If there is a trial, it will be for the owner of the laboratory in Avellino. If some swabs were to emerge showing incorrect results, then


and their players would be the injured party in this case."

“How can anyone think we would purposefully send a positive player onto the pitch? He could then infect the whole squad and make the situation even worse next week.”

source: SportMob