A close call for Real striker: paying fine instead of going to jail

Tue 10 November 2020 | 17:08

Instead of going to prison, Luka Jovic will only be fined for violating quarantine rules.

Early in the outbreak of the


, strange news broke about the young and


star of

Real Madrid


Luka Jovic

, and even rumors suggested that the player could be imprisoned for six months.

But now his problem is solved and the problem will threaten this young player no more.


has reached an agreement with the Serbian prosecutor's office and will pay a fine of just


for violating quarantine rules when he returns to the country in March. At the time,

Luka Jovic

received permission to travel to Serbia from

Real Madrid

, but before the 14-day quarantine period expired, pictures of him at his fiancée's birthday party were released, angering the Serbian people.

Luka Jovic was fined after the incident, but his refusal to pay the fine led to a lawsuit.

At the time, prosecutors demanded a six-month prison sentence for the 23-year-old striker but he has now reached an agreement with judicial authorities to pay the fine.

source: SportMob