Italy’s assistant coach, Evani comments on the team’s situation

Tue 10 November 2020 | 16:39

"these difficulties could help us to grow even more"

Alberico Evani


s assistant coach talks about team’s situation ahead of tomorrow’s friendly match against




Roberto Mancini

has tested positive for


and cannot accompany his team,


will lead the Blues in tomorrow’s match.

"He is not here physically, but it’s like he’s here with us,” Evani said in the press conference ahead of tomorrow’s game

“I often speak with Mancini during the day, both for the work to be done and for what has been done. He attends meetings, follows live training sessions and the group feels close to him.

“What makes us feel good is the group spirit of these guys, these difficulties could help us to grow even more.”


players were called up for national duty but only a few of them could train with the team, due to some restrictions set by


regarding coronavirus, that prevented them from leaving their cities.

"We don’t argue with clubs, we do with what we can get,” Evani added

“We understand that the moment is difficult and we understand the needs of clubs. There are so many interesting guys, who will be here in these ten days will give us satisfaction.”

source: SportMob